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Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC) Details
(updated June 27, 2006)

Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC)

  • One of Three Metallo 70 Ton gas top blown rotary converter bearing furnaces, installed 1981 1982,Vessel height 18’-8 3/8” x 11’-9 ” diameter.
  • Hydraulic rotate is a two speed by-directional drive.
  • Fast speed with a Rexroth A2V 1000 variable displacement piston pump driven by a 300 hp 4160-volt A/C motor.
  • Slow speed with a Rexroth A2V 500 variable displacement piston pump driven by a 100 hp 480-volt A/C motor.
  • Allen Bradley plc controlled Rexroth pilot control valve system.
  • Two Rexroth AZF500 bent axis axial piston oil motors mounted on Puls 3503/2V gearboxes.
  • Tilting uses the slow speed pump.
  • Two Rollstar M210b-91 oil motors, gearboxes with brake.
  • 500 Gallon Reservoir, Imo G3dc charge pump with a 20 hp 480-volt A/C motor.
  • Rexroth RA10432 V3 40 vane pilot pump with a10 hp 480-volt A/C motor.
  • Hydrodyne AX30-10 accumulators. 
  • Young OCS oil cooler

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